When I was just a little boy, I asked my mother, what should I be….. should I be Chelsea, should I be Leeds, here’s what she said to me…..

Ok, that wasn’t quite how it went. But its not far off.

In 1970, as Leeds and Chelsea met in the FA Cup final I was just a 5yr old squaddies brat living in the south east. My mum asked me who I wanted to win the FA Cup, and I picked Leeds…. so she picked Chelsea. Thereby setting the two great certainties of my life… First, I would be a Leeds fan till I die, and 2nd, I would never get on with my mum who clearly knew nothing about football.

So now, I’m in my 40’s, and still a Leeds fan, and still hundreds of miles away from the hallowed turf on Elland Road. I’ve lived the ups and downs of the successive 40 years, and while I do go to some games, that is all too infrequently, so its only fair to acknowledge that I’m only an armchair fan. Hence the title of this blog.

So this is my little contribution to the Leeds United blogosphre. Its obviously not going to be as well informed as one from someone who stands on the terraces…. (sorry, sits in the stands) week in week out, and I’m not going to be as opinionated and controversial as the Love Leeds Hate Bates crowd, but hopefully, from time to time it’ll at least be entertaining and diverting reading. From time to time.

Feel free to add me on Facebook, and if you want to contact me with any comments or suggestions for this blog you can e-mail me at armchairwhite ‘at’ blueyonder ‘dot’ co ‘dot’ uk



  1. Welcome, thanks for the link, I have replicated.

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